Anonymous asked: Capricorn and Scorpio or cap and virgo?

Cap and Virgo.

Anonymous asked: What would it be like if a cap broke things off with a Scorpio?

Lots of crying, and pretty intense. The Scorpio would be very upset, but they would try to hide it. They will become vindictive if you part on poor terms.

llphysique asked: pisces man and capricorn woman? :)

Very good emotional understanding. They will make each other feel truly loved. Be careful not to hurt Pisces emotionally, they are sensitive. Gliding restrict Capricorn. Support each other’s interests.

Anonymous asked: I'm a capricorn girl and i like an aries girl. How can i get her attention?

Don’t be afraid to be bold, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Instead of focusing on the negatives, find the silver lining. Try to get involved in her activities. Compliments go far with Aries. You can do it.

Anonymous asked: Cancer girl and virgo girl?

Great sex, but sometimes a hard friendship. Virgo can get really, really critical, and Cancer gets hurt easily when it comes to their emotions. As long as you communicate well and share your lives, the good times and the bad, it will go very, very well.

Anonymous asked: Leo guy and capricorn guy

Great friends, great sex, but remember that Leo is the star, and you are the man behind it all. Let Leo shine and Leo will love you. Don’t hurt a Leos big, warm heart otherwise they get vindictive. Leos like independent guys, so as long as you’re sweet to him but don’t forget who you are and what you love, everything will go swimmingly.

Anonymous asked: Is it true about Capricorn and Gemini- opposites attract? I mean I'm highly attracted to Gemini and zodiac signs say that they're complete opposites- although I get along swimmingly with Gemini?

I am currently dating a Gemini myself. It is true that they are very different from us, but if you’re interested in a little adventure and you like to spice things up, then Gemini is an excellent partner for a Capricorn.

Anonymous asked: Capricorn girl and Virgo boy?

Perfection at it’s finest. Go for it.

Anonymous asked: I know that horoscopes constantly say that Taurus and Capricorns are perfect for each other, but I'm a Capricorn who's having trouble with my relationship. I feel like he doesn't want to hear my feelings. He always feels the need to correct me. I've told him about this and he said I'm sorry you feel that way. It's gotten so bad that I sometimes just walk away or hang up on him. Any advice? Please help!

It just may be this specific person. Sometimes, people’s lives alter their personality outside of astrology. Or maybe it’s a planetary thing. It could also be that you are not very compatible with Tauruses either do to life circumstances or individual planetary differences. If he’s not making you feel like royalty, leave him. You don’t deserve to be treated like shit.

Anonymous asked: 2 Capricorn females??

They would be the same in all the right and wrong ways. Consider looking into other planetary signs.