Anonymous said: What is your thoughts on the possibility of a male Capricorn and female Leo relationship?

If you guys are friends going into the relationship, you will be all set. If not, there could be problems.

sophiawang1988 said: Capricorn girl with aquarius boy(26 and 24),can it work?how to do ?how to apologize to a Aquarius boy?

I wouldn’t recommend entering that relationship. The best way to apologize is to communicate your remorse clearly, then make an effort to not repeat the offending action,

Anonymous said: Female Capricorn with male Aquarius comparability ?

The sex will be great and you will have fun, but there will be no emotional support.

merrypeach2 said: Female Taurus and a male capricorn?

It’s a really good match! Go for it!



aquarius- bad

pisces- bad

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- best

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Anonymous said: Hello, what do you think of a teenage female capricorn with a male teenage virgo?

Should work out.

Anonymous said: Cap male and cap female. The cap male has some permanent brain damage so he's thoughtful and suck but sometimes fizzles out into insanity. Will it work?

Astrologically speaking, it could go either way. Goats like things that are familiar, but they also hate their own flaws, especially in other people. Regarding disability, that is something that you need to ask yourself. As a male Capricorn with Schizoaffective disorder and hearing loss (disabled), things can get really tough in relationships, especially because I can’t determine when my mental state is about to go to utter shit. I love my girlfriend, but sometimes I think I try her love and patience due to my disability. It’s something that you need to determine yourself. It’s not a question of love.

Consider this: Can you be the person he needs when he’s sick? Can he provide you the things you need with his disability? If either of those questions can be answered with a ‘no’, then maybe you should reconsider. Best of luck.

Anonymous said: I'm also interested in a Gemini male. I'm a Capricorn female. Is it a bad idea for me to text him first? It's out of my character, but I haven't heard from him since yesterday and I'd like to continue the conversation we were having. Do Geminis like when the girl attempts to make first moves? Totally out of my comfort zone..

Geminis are attracted to fun, outspoken, and spontaneous people. Out of the whole zodiac, they’re the most talkative sign! A Gemini is always willing to have a conversation unless that they feel like you’re incompetent or they just plain hate you. That doesn’t sound like that case, though! Go and send him a message, just don’t be annoying about it, and you’ll be all set.

Anonymous said: Is it true that Capricorns are perceived as snobby due to their outside demeanor?


Anonymous said: Hello:) I wanted your thoughts on female Capricorn with a male Sagittarius?

It has potential, but only if Capricorn is fire or air oriented, or the Sagittarius is earth or water oriented.