Anonymous said: What's a Capricorn female with a moon in Sagittarius like?

Crazy, spontaneous, funny, and lots of fun.

Anonymous said: Capricorn and Leo?

It’s a really good match as long as you let the Leo shine.

Anonymous said: Female cancer here , i like a cap guy never felt so strong about someone like the way i feel about him , we were talking about marriage because his friend got married i said cant wait to see you get marriage too , you gotta invite me , he said gonna invite your family , this is if im not marring you and he was shy , it took me by surprised because we are only friends could this tell how is he feeling about me or he was joking ?

That was probably an awkward joke or a poor attempt at trying to hit on you. He’s being a dork.

Anonymous said: What sort of relationship would it be like between a Taurus girl and Capricorn Man?

A very good match. Go for it.

Anonymous said: I'm a Cap with an Aries moon and my girlfriend is a Pisces also with an Aries moon.. Thoughts?

Very good match. Keep it.

Anonymous said: What's the sign that capricorn would be the absolute happiest with and the most likely to meet all needs?

That’s a loaded question. I would say Taurus or Virgo for myself, though. I currently am seeing a wonderful Taurus guy and I have a complicated, *currently* platonic situation with a Virgo girl that’s been going on for seven years.

Anonymous said: Capricorn and Pisces?

It’s a good match, but be careful with Pisces’ feelings.

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm Capricorn with Scorpio moon and ascendant, Cap venus, Cap mercury, and Pisces mars... Interested in a Virgo (6 years my senior) with Pisces moon, Virgo venus, Virgo mercury, and his ascendant is borderline Virgo and Libra. Your thoughts on this pairing? Thanks.

Very strong pairing. I’d give it a shot :-)

Anonymous said: Hi, I really like what you are acomplising here. What can you say about Cap with Gemini Moon and probably Scorpion Rising (I am very close to Sag Rising, my mom doesn't remember) and a Virgo with Cap Moon and Cap Rising (also not 100% sure about the Rising)? The Cap is 7 years yonger. I feel very strongly and respect the Virgo but there are too mich other factors.

This relationship could get messy. I wouldn’t pursue it.

Anonymous said: Hi! I'm a Cap girl with an Aquarius moon and I'm wondering how I can get a bit closer to my Aqua guy friend (his moon is in Capricorn). i don't want to scare him off, but I'm not sure how to show I'm interested in getting to know him better. Is the moon sign thing a promising aspect or not really? Thanks for your help ~

I recommend being friendly and charismatic. Be gentle and non-intimidating, and just start including him in things and talking to him more. Ask for his input on things and listen to his thoughts. You guys will have a great friendship in no time.