Anonymous said: capricorn and a long distance relationship scorpio. we've been talking for a few months and he's coming to my town to visit so we are going to meet up. i know scorpio are known for being sex fiends, but i don't want to have a sexual relationship with him yet. any advice? he seems to be really really into me. but i'm wary of scorpios because of how intense they are. i got out of a bad relationship with an aries last, and then a friends with benefits cancer.

Anonymous said: Cap guy and libra girl

It will work if you guys are friends first, above all things.

Anonymous said: one of my cousins seems to have a major thing for capricorns and it cracks me up. hes a cancer (july 5th birthday) and all of his girlfriends have been capricorns! two of them had birthdays only a day a part. is there something about that match of cancer/capricorn? because it seems odd that they all happen to be caps. though he has good taste because us caps are fabulous. :P

Cancer and Capricorn often feel like they can complete each other. They are their traditional “fairy tale” matches.

Anonymous said: I have a huge crush on a female cancer but at the same time I bear a grudge against her due to the fact that she only likes attention and played with my feeling. I heard that cancerians are very caring, nurturing and have sympathetic hearts but why is she so different? Can you try to grasp an explanation through our charts? My chart: Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra, Mercury Sagit, Venus Scorp, Mars Sagit. Her chart: Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn, Mercury Cancer, Venus Gemini, Mar Aries. Thank you!!!

Omfg, it’s the Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aries that is doing it. Do to her Venus sign, she is very attracted to drama in her romantic relationships, often causing it for herself; also why she likes attention so damn much. On top of that, she doesn’t have thought for guilt: Aries is impulsive and she is only thinking of the immediate effects of her actions. She either does not care or is unaware of what she is doing.

Anonymous said: Capricorn female, Leo male. He is so hard to read at times! My dry sense of humour and wit and serious tone don't help me at times.

That’s a problem when Capricorns are trying to get with someone. We often come off as way too serious.

Anonymous said: I'm a Capricorn with my Moon in Pisces and I was dating this Scorpio, I can't remember his birthday, but anyways. I always felt like I always did the talking and the sharing of myself but he felt like I was never doing it enough. Was this doomed to fail from the beginning?

You’re the type to get emotionally invested, so it is possible he just didn’t meet your needs.

Anonymous said: Virgo and cancer? With cancer being the man

Be easy with him, he’s the sensitive type, even if he seems like he isn’t. Should work out if you keep that in mind.

Anonymous said: (Part2-!) I love him tremendously much but I hate his indecisiveness, I hate it when he just pushes me away and doesn't let me in. I know he'll come back but I just don't want to have him walk out on me again and is there like a way to prevent that from happening, does he have to change or should i put up with it? Our communication is so great all the time but whenever he's going through a lot of stress he's so rather cold. Will he ever make up his mind? (not about me but about himself)

I can see why he’s indecisive, it’s the Venus in Libra. He’s cursed; no matter who he is with, he will always question the relationship and what he is doing.

alltooaware said: Cap girl and a Scorpio guy?

Should work just fine.

exoticsoul-mysteriousmind said: Can you describe them sexual relationship between a Capricorn(f) and taurus(m)

Very passionate and loving. You would reach new heights with this person in bed.